Waterproof Plywood

Marinx is a premium product from the house of Woodlyte Enterprises. It is made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with BWP grade synthetic resin. This, clubbed with the revolutionary GLP technology, makes it 100% borer and termite proof. It also undergoes pre-pressing that ensures homogeneous spread of moisture and adhesive, thus making it warp free. Besides having a higher face thickness and no core gaps, this products comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ways to Waterproof the Plywood

  • The best way by which one can waterproof the plywood is to use waterproof paint, sealant on top or stain the panel.
    Before applying paint one must thoroughly clean and sand the plywood, filling the cracks, removal of other non-waterproof paints or stains and other defects must be checked.
  • Thus, depending on the intended use of the plywood, one can apply several layers of the paint or stain to make the plywood waterproof.
  • To check the quality testing of the marine or waterproof plywood, one can submerge the plywood sample piece in boiling water for about 72 hours and then once can interpret the strength and various properties of the plywood.