Block Board

Woodlyte Board has everything in it that makes it an immediate choice when it comes to homes and offices. The most stringent of all attention is given to its manufacture, resulting in strength brimming to the core that looks perfect from the surface. A No Compromise Manufacturing Process makes it one of the most durable Block Boards in its category.

Conforming to IS : 1659 (2004)

High Bonding Strength
Woodlyte Board undergoes a superior from of bonding process that makes it bonded for life.

High Resistance
Specifically treated to withstand termites and borers, Woodlyte Board withstands the assault of every wood destroying organism.

Hugh Durability
Owing to stringent quality control, it’s designed to beat time and give all our furniture a stamp of durability.

High Popularity
Use it once and you are hooked for life. Its extraordinary virtues makes it one of the most sought after plywood in the country.

Special Features
Dimensional stable
Light in weight
Easy on tools
Hold screws and nails firmly

Prescribed TestValues for ConformityObserved Value
Moisture content(%)5-156-8
Modulus of Elasticity50005500
Modulus of Rupture 305052
Water Absorption(%)<5<5
Screw Holding Strength(Kgs)80100
Nail Holding Strength(Kgs)5055
Squareness Test(%)<0.2<0.1
Edge Straightness Test(%)<0.2<0.1
Water Resistance TestNo delamination after 72 hoursConforms
Standard Sizes (mm.)
2440 x 1220 (8′ x 4′), 214 0x1220 (7′ x 4′), 1840 x 1220 (6′ x 4′), 2140 x 920(7′ x 3′), 1840 x 920 (6′ x 3′)