Shuttering Plywood

Woodlyte shuttering ply conforms to IS 4990 . Raw material species are used as specified in clause 6.1 of IS 4990. Adhesive used is BWP Grade as per IS 848. Preservative treated with Organic Chemicals as per IS 5539. Glue line protected with organic chemicals. It is termite resistant & borer proof. It is an eco-friendly product.

Woodlyte Film Coated Shuttering plywood is specially designed for use in concrete framework and various shuttering applications. In its construction the pack veneers are glued with PF Resin & each layer is overlaid at right angles to each other. Top and bottom layers of the panels are overlaid with highly absorbent kraft sheet impregnated with phenolic resin on either side of plywood, which increases abrasion resistant properties. Each assembled pack is then encased in mirror finished steel plates and compressed in multi-day high capacity hydraulic press at specific temperature and pressure for a specific time and then followed by a mechanical cooling to release the internal stress and thus achieving high mechanical properties.


Ideal Application in

  • Concrete formwork for beams
  • pillars
  • Flooring & slab form work
  • Shapes & non-symmetrical form work
  • Site offices, Mezzanine floors
  • Trucks & tempo bodywork.


  • Guaranteed more repetitions reduces overall cost of construction (30 Kg – 8 Repetitions, 34 Kg 15 Repetitions).
  • Plywood is dimensional stable, structurally strong & long lasting.
  • Less water absorption due to high GSM Phenolic Film & Double End Coating by rubber paint.
  • High resistance due to abrasion which increases the service life of plywood.
  • Mirror Finish on plywood imparts smooth & form finish on concrete surface.
  • Uniform density across the ends of plywood have low sensitivity to damages.
  • Its balanced construction makes the plywood warp free.

Do not do

  • The life of Shuttering Plywood can be increased exponentially depending upon the care taken during erection and de-shuttering of the plywood.
  • Care should be taken at the time of storing & using, by cleaning the sheet and during fixing & removal.
  • Application of releasing agents or mould oils is necessary after every use.
  • The board can be easily cleaned using swab devices.
  • If the sheets are required to be resized, edge coating must be restored at customer’s end to increase the service life of plywood.
  • Please do not keep in extreme heat & sunlight to prevent from discoloration & other damages.